About Us

Describe your products in three words.

Nutritious. Safe. Essential

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

It all started in Dec 2013 with my search of quality nutrition products which can provide me with my daily requirements of Proteins and Vitamins. I was preparing for National Selections for Archery Sport and needed strength and energy to compete with the best. It’s not easy for someone, who was aged 43 that time to compete with youngsters 15-18 yrs old. My search confused me more as the nutrition market in India was mostly depended on Imported supplements whose genuinity was always a question as retailers often refused to give an Invoice or sold products without proper labelling. And if have found a reliable source, the availability was not assured. Keeping good Health is a Habit. All fitness enthusiasts will agree with me that your daily dose of Vitamins and Supplements is as important as your exercise. And if there is a break in any of the two, it disturbs your rhythm. This was the stimulus for me to start “Natures Velvet Lifecare” in Nov 2014, to meet the Health and Nutrition products requirement of fitness lovers.

What makes your product special?

Our products are manufactured at facilities adhering to strict GMP quality practices. Morever, we have all Govt. of India certifications like FSSAI, MSME, AYUSH. We have a Quality control dept. which has laid down strict internal checks for the products to pass the approval which is above the standards set by a regulatory body. We also lay lot of importance to the packing material and labelling which is an integral part of the product. The HDPE bottles in which the product is packed is of the Master batch, the pure granules. The labels have all details needed by a customer to understand the product use and safety.

What has been the best part of your experience?

To be accepted by the Doctors for prescribing to meet the nutrition requirements of the patients. It gives immense satisfaction when the medical fraternity endorses the products. Though our products are also being used by the athletes and sports persons as its must for them, it is more satisfying to see the general population taking up fitness and understanding the requirement of daily nutrition and supplementing the lack of it in their diet.