Become our Ambassador

Natures Velvet’s Ambassador Program invites you to join our team with benefits.

We are looking for brand ambassadors who share our values and heart of our business. You are not just a pretty face, but you are fit, focused, genuine, hardworking, and you share. If you are over the age of 18, and active on Instagram and Facebook and other social media platforms, you are more than welcome.

You will see you are not just about likes and followers. We want you to be part of our circle, share our mission, pick social cause together, and spread the word about our business positively.


Our Precious Ambassador, BHARAT

About Him

How Do I Start?

Step 1 SIGN UP

Step 2 Share It With World

Step 3 Friends Get Instant Discount You Earn Cash

Step 4 Win-Win Situation


  • Monthly Salary
  • 10% commission
  • Free product samples
  • Exclusive offers and promotions
  • Get featured on our Instagram and Website
  • Events
  • Exclusive offers on secret sales


Why should I be Nature’s Velvet’s ambassador?

If you are passionate about your health and fitness and love to shop and share products that help you fulfill your passion, you will love our ambassador program. You will also enjoy the benefits we offer exclusively to our ambassadors. Review our products, engage with your friends, and give them your ambassador discount.

(your friend will get 20% discount on their order by using your personalized ambassador link, and you will earn 15% commission on every order they placed)

How do I start ?

It’s simple. Fill out the form below to apply. You will get your unique ambassador link to share.

How do I get paid?

We through NEFT

Do I have to purchase anything?

NO. There is no minimum purchase necessary.